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Makaya McCraven: Deciphering the Message LP

Makaya McCraven

Blue Note, 2021

Drummer, producer & beat scientist Makaya McCraven digs into the Blue Note vaults with this new remix project that puts a modern bounce on jazz classics by Art Blakey, Horace Silver, Hank Mobley, Kenny Burrell, Kenny Dorham & more. McCraven's mastery of the loop is akin to hip-hop's most celebrated beatmakers like J Dilla & Madlib, both of whom have also remixed Blue Note classics, but McCraven's unique approach also incorporates newly recorded elements including his own drums, Joel Ross' vibraphone, Jeff Parker's guitar, Marquis Hill's trumpet & more.


  1. A Slice Of The Top (AKA "Sliced Off The Top)
  2. Sunset (AKA "Son Set")
  3. When Your Lover Has Gone (AKA "When You've Left Your Lover")
  4. Ecaroh (AKA "Revlis")
  5. Tranquillity (AKA "Corner Of The World")
  6. Wail Bait (AKA "Wait Bail")
  7. Coppin' The Haven (AKA "At The Haven Coppin")
  8. Frank's Tune (AKA "De'Jeff's Tune)
  9. Autumn In New York (AKA "Spring In Chicago")
  10. Monaco (AKA "Monte Negro")
  11. Mr.Jin (AKA "Mr. Gin")
  12. C.F.D. (AKA "D.F.C.")
  13. Black Rhythm Happening