Keith Jarrett: Treasure Island LP

Keith Jarrett

Impulse!, 1974

Try listening to the laid-back country blues of opening track “The Rich (And The Poor)” - with Keith Jarrett whooping for joy from the piano bench - and see if you can stop yourself from smiling. A sense of relaxed excitement suffuses this whole date, recorded by an all-star band that soon became known as Jarrett’s American Quartet, with Dewey Redman on sax, Charlie Haden on bass and Paul Motian on drums – plus Sam Brown on electric guitar. With its killer hooks and catchy vamps, soulful playing and yearning themes, Jarrett’s album is an under-appreciated masterpiece of modern American jazz.

Side A

  1. The Rich (And The Poor)
  2. Blue Streak
  3. Fullsuvollivus (Fools Of All Of Us)
  4. Treasure Island

Side B

  1. Introduction And Yaqui Indian Folk Song
  2. Le Mistral
  3. Angles (Without Edges)
  4. Sister Fortune
  • Recorded - February 27 and 28, 1974 at Generation Sound Studios, NYC
  • Producer - Ed Michel