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John Coltrane Quartet: Coltrane LP

John Coltrane

Impulse!, 1962

Orange Label Impulse! Reissue Series:

  • Remastered original analog recording on limited edition heavy virgin vinyl
  • Original gatefold design
  • Custom packaging
  • Rare photos from original negatives
  • Original liner notes


Side A
1. Out Of This World 
2. Soul Eye 

Side B
1. The Inch Worm
2. Tunji (Toon-gee)
3. Miles' Mode

1997 reissue distinguished by the following: MASTERED BY CAPITOL in deadwax. RM (Ron McMaster) in dead wax.
Very heavy vinyl (over 200 grams). Orange, oval sticker on shrink.

Also came with blue-bordered Impulse Reissue Series sticker (see photo), which states 180g vinyl, although still weighs in at 200g.

A later version The John Coltrane Quartet - Coltrane has the circled U symbol (URP Pressing) and WG in the deadwax. It is on lighter vinyl. Many copies have a black and gold sticker on the shrink saying 180 gram rather than the oval sticker on this limited edition. The artwork is otherwise duplicated from this issue. Both releases share the same barcode.

Printed in the USA. Distributed in the USA by Universal Music & Video Distribution

Originally released 1962 on Impulse! as AS-21.